Recommended Hoses

To make connection easy, we recommend you purchase one or more hose kits with your ProSkim System.

Your ProSkimmer system requires one 2" hose for connecting the in-water skimmer to the on-shore filter, and two 3" hoses or pipes for returning water from the filter to your pond. Our Hose Kit includes a 25' 2" hose, and 4 lengths of modular 3" pipe with connectors—everything you need to get started.

If you have special needs, like setting the System’s filter a long way from the skimmer, you will need to purchase a 2" hose to connect the skimmer to the filter, and we recommend you purchase 3" pipe (or hoses) to return filtered water back to your pond.

ProSkim recommends using rigid (suction) hose or ABS or PVC piping for returning water to your pond because the filtered water flows by gravity only and is not under pressure. Flexible return hoses are not recommended for most applications. You may readily find these hoses or pipes at your local supply house or plumbing wholesaler. If you would like to purchase your own hose, or ever need more, here are some national vendors for these parts (all prices and model numbers current as of July 2016 and subject to change):

2-inch hose

Vendor Part No. Price Size Comment
Grainger 1FYR2
25 ft
50 ft
25 ft
Blue, vinyl
Blue, vinyl
Black, rubber
Northern Tool 506251
25 ft
50 ft
Blue, vinyl
Blue, vinyl

3-inch hose

Vendor Part No. Price Size Comment
Grainger 1ZMY5
20 ft
20 ft
Green, Goodyear
Green, Alliance
Northern Tool 50715
15 ft
50 ft

Other Options

  • The best, cheapest, and easiest 3" water return system can be easily assembled from standard ABS (black) or PVC (white) plastic pipe and fittings from your local plumbing supply wholesaler.
  • As outlined in the User’s Manual, using a long length of fixed 3" pipe to return water to your lake or pond allows you to return the warm, aerated filtered water to a deep spot in the center of your pond, promoting circulation of the aerated water and is recommended.