We at ProSkim are dedicated to protecting natural resources and have put this commitment into practice in our business and in our ongoing research programs. We have found a great deal of useful information from the following websites, and we encourage you to explore them as you research your own pond.

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Audubon International

Highly recommended. Audubon International provides the education and assistance needed to practice responsible stewardship of land, water, wildlife and natural resources. ProSkim is proud to be a Business Affiliate of Audubon International, and we support their programs for environmental stewardship through our eco-friendly products and by making a donation to Audubon International with each ProSkimmer System we sell. We strongly encourage you to investigate the benefits of Audubon International’s programs.

Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants – University of Florida

Highly recommended. Excellent source for information on identifying aquatic plants, as well as useful links, and detailed and highly useful photographs. Also an excellent portal for academic research records on aquatic plants.

Purdue University Department of Botany

A very useful overview of duckweed and watermeal control written before the ProSkimmer System was available.

North American Lake Management Society

NALMS is a leading educator and advocate for water issues. Excellent source of information and links.

Aquatic Nuisance Species Task Force

A portal for government information on aquatic nuisance species.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Aquatic Plant Identification System

An excellent and ambitiously comprehensive source of information on aquatic plants and their control.

US Department of Agriculture Plants Database

An excellent gateway to information on Federal and state programs for invasive aquatic weeds.

Water on the Web

A comprehensive resource. The “Understanding” section contains an excellent introduction to lake and watercourse topics.


A campaign for consumer awareness and responsible behaviors.

Aquaplant – Texas A&M University – A Pond Manager Diagnostic Tool

A highly recommended site which focuses on biological and chemical treatment of aquatic weeds. Click on “Management Options”, then “Common Duckweed” or “Watermeal” to see the site’s recommended chemical choices. Clicking on the various chemicals listed will take you directly to the manufacturer’s Material Safety Data Sheets and brochures for various aquatic chemicals. Then contact us.

PAN Pesticides Database – Chemical Toxicity Studies on Aquatic Organisms

This link will take you to a compendium of studies on the toxicity of various commercially available aquatic herbicides, many of which are no longer legally available. The root link provides an excellent portal for locating scientific studies on the overall effects of aquatic pesticides on weeds and other pond residents.