Common Floating Aquatic Weeds

The ProSkimmer System effectively removes these common floating aquatic weeds:

  • Duckweed: These small floating weeds resemble tiny shamrocks, with two or three separate leaves floating on the surface and thin root tendrils drifting below the surface. The most common varieties in the United States are Small Duckweed (lemna valdiviana) Common Duckweed (lemna minor) and Giant Duckweed (spriodela polyrhiza).
  • Watermeal: (wolffia columbiana) The smallest flowering plant known to man, Watermeal looks and feels like grains of sand. Watermeal can accumulate to thicknesses of one inch or more on a lake or pond’s surface.
  • Azolla: (azolla caroliniana) A small floating fern, it generally grows throughout the year in southern states and causes the surface of an infested lake or pond to appear a dull rusty color.

In general, the ProSkimmer System will work like a vacuum for your pond – it will remove free floating particles like weeds, but like a vacuum, it will not pull up a carpet of filamentous algae. Objects larger than the inlets of the System can not be removed.

We do not recommend using the ProSkimmer System for most forms of algae, in particular, filamentous algae.