Before & After Images

See how the ProSkimmer System has solved floating weed problems. All photos are un-retouched. Results will vary based on the unique factors that affect each individual watercourse.

Large pond with watermeal (Oxford, CT) This lake of more than two acres was covered with a very heavy growth of watermeal – over 1.5 inches thick in some spots. The lake is managed by a local fishing club who were concerned that lack of oxygen was choking out aquatic life. The ProSkimmer System removed the watermeal in about 40 hours of operation over 10 days.

Small pond with watermeal (Piqua, OH) This small, one-third acre natural ornamental pond suffered from a substantial covering of watermeal. The ProSkimmer System was installed on a Friday afternoon and the watermeal was substantially removed by Sunday evening (as word got around the neighborhood, lawn chairs and a few six-packs appeared on Saturday and Sunday afternoon).

Large, shallow pond with watermeal and duckweed (Westport, CT) This pond of nearly two acres is both shallow and subject to frequent changes in water level. Its primary water inlet is also connected to municipal storm sewers in the area and is surrounded by numerous walnut trees. The ProSkimmer System removed the weeds in 20 days. This pond has benefited from the use of a ProSkimmer System for more than five years, and remains clear throughout the summer season.

Golf course with azolla (Placerville, CA) A golf course in Northern California faced an unsightly infestation of azolla in a pond adjoining an important area of the course. The ProSkimmer System removed the azolla in just 4 days.