Pond maintenance made simple

When you own the ProSkimmer System, you’ll get the maximum enjoyment out of your pond, with the minimum effort! Whether you’re a homeowner with a pond or lake on your property, the caretaker of a golf course, or the owner of a commercial property, the ProSkimmer System is an investment that will pay for itself.

Priced at $6,950

The ProSkimmer System is currently available for the special price of $6,450 plus shipping. Now you can take break the cycle of weeds in your pond – for good. Easily and safely control weed regrowth, year after year.


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No-risk ownership

The ProSkimmer System is built in the USA with high-quality parts that can handle your environment. We offer a one-year warranty for consumer use, and a 90-day warranty for commercial use, and we provide unbeatable customer service for any problems you might encounter.

Not convinced? Since we began manufacturing the ProSkimmer System in 2004, we’ve only had three instances of equipment failures:

“ProSkim has solved a significant problem that will make our clients happier with their design choices, now and in the long term.”

- Dickson DeMarche, ASLA, The Laurel Rock Company
  • The hardened maple handle of a canoe paddle got into a unit in Minnesota and damaged the pump motor.
  • A large snake got into the unit on a golf course in New Mexico and damaged the pump motor.
  • The grandson of a product owner in Michigan detached the hose from the skimmer and used it as an electric jet ski, damaging the pump cord internally.

In all three instances, we replaced the pump at no charge (despite the warranty being expired). We take customer satisfaction seriously, and want every ProSkimmer System owner to have a great experience.

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