Do most lakes and ponds have weeds growing in them? Why do they cover mine?

Most healthy lakes and ponds do have rooted weeds growing in them. These rooted weeds are a natural part of the lake’s ecology, assisting the lake in respiration and providing a habitat for the lake’s natural residents. But some lakes and ponds may become deficient in oxygen (anaerobic) because they are burdened with an excess of nutrients. When a lake transitions from an aerobic to anaerobic state, the surface weeds will become the dominant competitors for the lake’s nutrients, covering the lake or significant areas of it and depriving the other lake inhabitants of oxygen. If you can’t curtail the flow of nutrients into your lake or pond, the alternative is to remove those nutrients. By harvesting excessive weeds and supplementing your lake with additional oxygen, the ProSkimmer System can help return your lake or pond to a healthier balance. See our links and other resources to find more information on lake and pond ecology.

What kinds of weeds does the ProSkimmer System remove?

The ProSkimmer System removes most freely floating aquatic weeds, such as duckweed, watermeal, and azolla. The System will also remove pollen and small twigs that float upon the water’s surface. The System is not designed to remove rooted weeds or matted floating weeds, such as filamentous algae. For more information, visit our page on common aquatic weeds on the links and resources page.

Will the ProSkimmer System eliminate pond scum?

What is often termed “pond scum” is generally floating algae (most commonly Spirogyra) and prokaryotes (most commonly Cyanobacteria) which produce dense masses of tangled filaments that accumulate on the surface of stagnant or slowly moving waters, resulting in what looks like slime. The ProSkimmer System is not designed to remove matted floating weeds, so technically, it will not eliminate pond scum. But if used early in the season before matting begins, the ProSkimmer System may make a difference.

How often do I need to use the ProSkimmer System?

If you start to control floating aquatic weeds early in the season, operating the ProSkimmer System in Maintenance Mode one day a week should be sufficient. If your lake or pond already has a heavy accumulation of floating weeds, you may need to operate the System in Continuous Mode for one to two weeks. Please see our photo histories on the Actual Examples pages.

Will a ProSkimmer System solve my lake or pond’s problem?

Yes. And no. The ProSkimmer System will physically remove floating weeds and organic debris from the surface of your lake or pond, therefore, it will look clearer almost immediately. More importantly, by removing excessive aquatic weed growth and aerating the water, your lake or pond will have a chance to breathe again — a crucial first step towards a healthy aquatic ecosystem. Because the System removes potential nutrients from the water, the cycle of excessive weed growth is interrupted. We also encourage lake and pond owners to consider other forms of aeration and natural water maintenance programs. You can find more information on these alternatives from sources listed on our Links and Resources pages.

How easy is it to use?

Very. To set up the ProSkimmer System just connect the hoses, insert the filters, then place the in-water floating collection unit into your lake or pond. Placing the in-water unit is usually very easy by positioning it from a dock or by wading into the water with it. The in-water unit requires a minimum depth of only two feet of water to run, so you won’t need a boat. Once the unit is in the water, you can easily adjust the skimming depth to get the results you want. And the on-shore filtration unit features adjustable legs to set-up the unit on uneven ground.

What if I have several lakes or ponds?

Managing more than one lake or pond is easy. The ProSkimmer System is easy to move — in fact, it was designed to be portable. Just disconnect the quick-release hoses and move the System components to another location.

Do I need a special permit to use the ProSkimmer System?

Unlike chemical treatments, the ProSkimmer System does not add chemical substances to your lake or pond, therefore, no special chemical treatment permit or license should be required. The ProSkimmer System operates very quietly and should comply with any local sound ordinances.

Do I need anything in addition to what is supplied with the ProSkimmer System?

The ProSkimmer System operates by electricity so you will need access to an outdoor electric outlet or generator. You will also need hoses that are appropriate to your installation location. See our Recommended Hoses page for suggestions.

What about maintenance?

Clean the filters occasionally with a stiff natural brush or rinse with a garden hose. You will need to dispose of the collected weeds in a manner appropriate to your needs and in accordance with any local environmental requirements.

How can I see if the ProSkimmer System really works?

If the before and after images and videos on our website haven’t convinced you, visit a ProSkim distributor to see the ProSkimmer System in action.