How It Works

The heart of the ProSkimmer System is its in-water floating collection unit, a special skimmer that has been designed to extract only those weeds and organic debris that float on the water’s surface. It creates a powerful vortex of water that draws in floating weeds and debris.

The uniquely designed stainless steel pump generates a powerful flow in which water, weeds and debris are collected and pumped through a hose to the on-shore filtration unit. The weeds and debris then remain behind on shore in the filtration unit while the clear, filtered, aerated water flows through the return hoses and back into your lake or pond.

The ProSkimmer System has two modes:

  • Maintenance Mode is used for occasional removal of floating weeds and organic debris. The weeds and debris are deposited directly into a large collection basket that is housed inside the on-shore filtration unit.
  • Continuous Mode is used for steady removal of large quantities of floating weeds and debris. Extension legs raise the filtration unit by up to 3 feet, creating an incline that allows weeds and debris to slide down a filtration chute directly into your own receptacle — such as a wheelbarrow, garden cart or even a bucket loader.

Tips to maximize the ProSkimmer System's efficiency:

    • Start early. Begin controlling weeds early in the season. At the first sign of weed growth, operate your ProSkimmer System in Maintenance Mode. Occasional use throughout the season is easier than dealing with an accumulation of heavy weed growth.
    • Don’t knock yourself out! You don’t need to install the ProSkimmer System in the middle of your lake or pond – in fact, you’ll get better results by installing it close to shore in an area where weeds tend to collect naturally.
    • Consider wind drift. Install your System where weeds tend to collect early in the season – generally where the prevailing breezes blow them.

“Within a week of operation, the pond was significantly cleaner. By the second week, all the floating pond weeds were gone and we had our beautiful scene back again.”

- Michael C., Westport, CT
  • Consider currents. If your lake or pond has prevailing currents from springs, a stream or waves from an aerator, position the ProSkimmer to take advantage of these currents.
  • Provide adequate depth. The ProSkimmer in-water floating collection unit draws approximately 18 inches, and should be floating at all times. If your pond level fluctuates, be sure the unit is installed in water of adequate depth.
  • Move the System if needed. In most lakes or ponds you don’t need to move the in-water floating collection unit around, but if you notice the remaining weeds have accumulated in a cove or sheltered area you might want to move the System accordingly.
  • Maximize throughput. Set the System up to avoid kinks in the hoses. Kinks could decrease the flow of water through the System.
  • Plan for weed disposal. Make sure the collected weeds don’t fall back into your lake or pond (for example, if a strong rainstorm should strike) and that you have a site sufficiently large enough to hold the collected weeds. Even a small pond can produce a large volume of weeds!