“My son and I had a very successful “pond clearing” today. ProSkim worked like a dream. I can't believe how simple it is to use. Bravo to you because the ProSkimmer does what it says it can do — even on leaves!”

“Landscape architects frequently create and enhance water features that provide a natural habitat for birds and fish in a beautiful setting, but problems with pond weeds have often presented a difficult challenge for landscape maintenance. ProSkim has solved a significant problem that will make our clients happier with their design choices, now and in the long term.”

“I’ve spent over a decade focusing on effective alternatives for pond and lake weed management. I’m pleased to say that the ProSkimmer method has finally solved a significant problem in an earth-friendly way. I’ve seen for myself the success of his extreme makeovers on ponds right here in Connecticut. I happily endorse his product.”

“Within a week of operation, the pond was significantly cleaner. By the second week, all the floating pond weeds were gone and we had our beautiful scene back again. Thank you ProSkim.”

“I finally got a ProSkimmer System and it was worth the wait. Not only does it work on Watermeal, but also on the fall leaves that were floating on top of the water. It was kind of a peaceful experience because the unit runs so quietly. I actually enjoyed watching and listening to the water flow through the filter and back into the pond!”

“You’ve convinced me! It was really pulling it in. Within a half an hour I had a wheelbarrel full. I ran it overnight one night and then for about 4 hours a couple of afternoons. The ProSkimmer does take it out!”