Why are so many of today’s lakes and ponds covered in unsightly and foul-smelling vegetation? Because they suffer from an invasion of excessive amounts of nutrients.

Fertilizer runoff, septic system leaching and destruction of naturally occurring wetlands are often sources of rich nutrients that promote weed growth. Even the influx of Canadian geese and other species can accelerate nutrient buildup. As a result, lakes and ponds may become clogged with not only rooted weeds, but also floating weeds such as duckweed, watermeal, and azolla.

Ending the cycle of weed growth

The best solution for ending the ever-worsening cycle of weed growth is to eliminate these non-point sources of nutrients, but that usually isn’t practical.

Another less than perfect solution is chemical treatment. Chemical treatments may kill most of the floating weeds on your lake or pond, but the dead weeds sink to the bottom, where they settle and decay. The decayed matter provides nourishment for any weeds that have survived the chemical treatment. The remaining weeds flourish and the cycle continues. In this way, chemical treatment can actually make the problem worse.

ProSkim: A better way

We knew there had to be a better solution – so we invented it. The ProSkimmer® is an efficient mechanical system that physically removes floating weeds while aerating your pond’s water.

“ProSkim has solved a significant problem that will make our clients happier with their design choices, now and in the long term.”

- Dickson DeMarche, ASLA, The Laurel Rock Company

In addition to the floating weeds that choke your pond, the ProSkimmer System removes spring pollen and twigs, which also can add nutrients to the water. The removed material can then be discarded or used as compost.

After years of developing and testing dozens of prototypes, the made-in-America ProSkimmer System is now available for purchase and lease to provide a fast, effective, chemical-free and environmentally sound alternative to chemical treatment.